Start Shopping at His N Hers Flea Market

Discover several unique vendors with items you can’t pass up

It’s best to walk into a flea market or antique shop with an open mind because they aren’t like other shops that have narrow selections. You go to a grocery store for food and a library for books. However, at His N Hers Flea Market, you can have it all:
• Records
• Jewelry
• Movies
• Books
• Clothes
• Toys
• Furniture

Don’t wait another minute. Drive to His N Hers right away to shop your heart out. You’ll be happy the moment you walk through the doors and items start to catch your eye every corner. Call us today to learn more about our vendors.

Usually people go shopping to stick to a list, but at His N Hers Flea Market, you come to explore. As you walk from aisle to aisle, a framed photograph catches your attention or you envision a beautiful antique vase sitting on your end table. Contact us today if you want to discuss certain items in our inventory.